Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Yale University - New Haven - so now, do you wanna study there?


Look at the happiest girl on Earth it happens rarely!

 So in the beginning of November (on Saturday) I went to New Haven to the Yale University just to see this incredible place!

Frankly, it's not as old as it looks - Yale was founded in 1701.
When many of these building were built, the creator broke windows,burnt the chimneys or students poured acid down the side to make the building look older!

It's the third oldest college in the country - I'd love to study there!
That would be the best place to stay in, this swing was so cute.

A short video, I'm sorry my batteries went dead that day - shortest vid ever!

Chilling in the park before the Football game. 
Such a nice place to enjoy the nature - watching squirrels - they're everywhere!

Sooo... that was the first time being at the Football match. Besides,
I'm still learning the rules!
Everybody tries to explain as detailed as possible but it's still hard to understand.

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