Friday, June 26, 2015

Stop Yulin 2015 - just sign the petition


please sign it:

We must stop this insane and senseless ritual, there're loads of dogs being killed in the streets at the Yulin Dog meat Festival.

Is this humanity? 
What is the point of this?
I can't understand it.

That's the hell on Earth, all you have to do is 'sign it'.
Apparently, most of these cute animals were stolen from their owners, captured and transported under horrible conditions... and still have their collars...

We need to STOP IT and WE have to fight, animals have no voice, they can't ask for anything.
It is really heartbreaking, together we can change it.

Just sign and share it with your friends, it only takes a moment - and you will save another life.
I hope you'll do it.


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