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TOEFL? answers to all your questions - click!

 Hi everybody,
I hate being sick (soooo I'm gonna write a post about these American Healthcare costs,appointments etc. - for example you can even pay for a blood test OVER 1000$ - not everywhere but it happens ) it's kinda hard to find a doctor or clinic which provides your insurance...

Okay, so let's talk about better things today,

some of you have heard about TOEFL and don't even know - what does it mean?

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
it shows your ability to understand and use English at the university level. It's also important if you want to study in an English - speaking country. 
The test consists of:
  • listening
  • reading
  • speaking
  • writing
What's more, people takes this test for various reasons such as:
-learners who just want to track their progress,
-applying for visas etc.

If you're interested in studying abroad (anywhere) for example UK, Sweden, Denmark, Australia or even Japan you should start preparing for this test soon because more than 9,000 colleges, universities and other institutions accept TOEFL scores - in over 130 countries!

Many of you keep asking me...
How to learn ?

It's a lot of hard work - you'll have to expand your vocabulary by for example reading books, newspapers, websites (translate unknown words), using Apps on your phone - I've found some interesting on Apple Store : Synonyms, TOEFL vocabulary, TOEFL Words (unfortunately, you have to pay for some capabilities),
learn all of the grammar tenses (I don't even know how many we have), 
really important - listening - you can watch movies, TV shows, travel to English - countries for vacations, speak and listen to the native person.

There's some more resources online that I'm gonna share with you:

How much does it actually cost?
It depends on a country - visit the website (for more information)
In the USA it costs around 200$.

If you're considering studying abroad - this is the first step to make your educational success come true!
There's some valuable benefits that I've noticed so far:
  1. International experience by studying and living in a foreign country. You'll see new places and meet fascinating people - its traditions, and its culture. In addition, you will become more responsible, confident or independent. 
  2. You can be fluent in English - remember, you'll talk this language all the time.
  3. That's a chance to experience a different style of education.
  4. Broaden your worldview - you can improve your skills, gain interests and be inspired by others success stories.
  5. Life experience once learned never forgotten - if you really wanna try it - do it. You don't want to regret something you didn't do - life's too short.
Photos taken last year, Oct 2015
To sum up, you know more about TOEFL, the next thing I'm gonna talk about is:
SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) 
Stay warm peeps,

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