Sunday, November 29, 2015

The New York City like you've never seen before!!

Hi everybody,
it's me, again.

This week was pretty busy but it was fine so today I'm going to write the longest note and post many photos of New York - I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do !

As you can see,I travel to NYC a lot - it's only 50 mins/1h from Darien (it depends on a train).

Let me show you my trips to NYC in the 1 video!

I went there - for the first time - during the orientation's free time, it was an amazing experience.
I remember I was keep saying:
 "I can't believe that I AM HERE " 
"Is it real? Am I finally in NYC?"
 "Please, tell me I'm not dreaming" (to my friends)

That was soooo funny!!
Then,when I came to Darien I started travelling there almost every weekend, my family is so flexible and they don't need my help that much at the weekends.

It's time to get off the train - Grand Central

New York City is known as a capital of the World and that's RIGHT!
When I got out of the train and touched the Grand Central ground...

Honestly, I didn't feel any difference ☺But when YOU ARE in the middle of the GC you will be impressed by this huge and (everytime) crowded building, you can also recognize movies that were shot there, for example:
  • 'Men in black', 
  • 'I am Legend', 
  • 'Superman', 
  • 'Revolutionary Road' (Leonardo DiCaprio 
What's more...
  • 'Gossip girl' ! (ahhhh Ed Westwick ♥)
This City never sleeps, there's something magical about NYC, it's filled with active life - full of events - history, loads of nationalities and culture.

Brooklyn time

This incredible city is known for its breathtaking skylines... just look at these photos from Brooklyn roof (I had always wanted to do that! Lucky me ☺) :

The next beautiful photos were taken at the Brooklyn Bridge, these views are unique:

 Am I crazy ?! I'm just sitting on the bridge - it's a little bit high but that was worth it!
The whole reason of taking photos is so that you don't have to explain things with words and you can share your points of views with other people.

Culture & Museums 

If you're interested in this country you probably know that the capital of the US - Washington, DC is full of different kind of Museums which combine learning with fun but NYC has also some attractions connected with history... for example  National Museum of the American Indian or 9/11 Memorial & Museum:

Btw. my next task is to visit as much New York's Museums as possible, for instance:

  • The Museum of Natural History
  • MoMA - Museum of Modern Art
  • New York Botanical Garden
  • Brooklyn Museum

 - so, I promise - I'll write the post about it soon!!

The most famous street in the World - 5th Avenue

I'm sure everybody has heard about the Fifth Avenue - it's known as an unrivaled shopping street and it consists of high buildings with many expensive stores for example:

  • Gucci
  • Prada
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Tiffany & Co. 
Some cheaper stores:

  • H&M
  • Zara
  • GAP
  • Mexx
And many,many more...

Central Park - probably most visited place in NYC.
(right after Times Square)

Central Park is located in middle-upper Manhattan and it's one of the most famous sightseeing spots in New York! Anyway, some movies were shot there:
  • "Home alone 2"
  • "Enchanted"
  • "When Harry met Sally"

 It's just a big park in the middle of the City but it's MAGICAL. You can see loads of squirrels (they're not afraid of you at all) or just thousands of dogs, and their owners - so this vibrant community makes it such a special place.
What's more, ice skating there is easily on of the most picturesque and fun activities - I promise I'll take many photos in December!

And after that photo my camera went dead - I bought batteries (they were pretty expensive but I was told they're the best) before my flight to the US although it's worse than my previous ones.

So, I'm planning to make a tour the next time and I just wanted to tell you about the best activities to experience or places to visit:
  • Ice rink
  • Central Park Zoo
  • taking a blanket and relaxing on the Sheep Meadow (it's a 15-acre field!)
  • climbing up Belvedere Castle
  • seeing the Bow Bridge
  • or just sitting on the bench and enjoying the nature

Feel like a Queen in the Plaza Hotel 
 I'm sure you've heard about this hotel 

You probably have seen some of these films!
  • "Home Alone 2"
  • "Life or something like it"
  • "Madea's"
  • "King of New York"
  • "Sleepless in Seattle"
  • "Bride wars"

So the action was taken there, it's such a fascinating experience when you can recognize the background from greatest movies - and feel it!

A church in the middle of the City

This is the Saint Patrick's Cathedral - to be honest, I just wanted to show you because it looks so pretty!
I didn't go inside although I like the building sooooo much that's why I took the photo.

 To sum up, this incredibly LONG post - I want to share with you all the photos of places I've been to and describe it a little bit. What's best,I'm gonna start sharing (often) healthy and delicious recipes with you or creative ideas for example to decorate your room/house or to make something unusual - jewellery, a gift etc.
 By the way,I changed the whole look of my website a 2 days ago - it wasn't that easy!
 I do hope you like it so far!

I've just created my fanpage on Facebook I'd be glad if you click "Like it!" - I'm sure, it'll give me more motivation.

I've received many questions from people who are interested in American lifestyle so I'll upload some videos Q&A and other soon. 
Well, that's it, thank you everyone!

Take care,

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Yale University - New Haven - so now, do you wanna study there?


Look at the happiest girl on Earth it happens rarely!

 So in the beginning of November (on Saturday) I went to New Haven to the Yale University just to see this incredible place!

Frankly, it's not as old as it looks - Yale was founded in 1701.
When many of these building were built, the creator broke windows,burnt the chimneys or students poured acid down the side to make the building look older!

It's the third oldest college in the country - I'd love to study there!
That would be the best place to stay in, this swing was so cute.

A short video, I'm sorry my batteries went dead that day - shortest vid ever!

Chilling in the park before the Football game. 
Such a nice place to enjoy the nature - watching squirrels - they're everywhere!

Sooo... that was the first time being at the Football match. Besides,
I'm still learning the rules!
Everybody tries to explain as detailed as possible but it's still hard to understand.

Take care,

Sunday, November 8, 2015

First Cupcakes in the US... Are you sure you wanna see that?!


Maybe someday you'll be wondering about birthday gifts for your host parents?
No worries, that's the best idea ever!

  • Bring your kid and stuff to craft to the living room
  • Make a birthday card with the kid
  • Make a little pocket in the card
  • It's time to make a coupon
In my case, I've made a coupon which allows parents to go out over my work hours in the evening/at night.
I also wrote a funny thing there "Expiration date: when all of the kids go to College!".
So,it was a pretty creative day!

My youngest child is so adorable, the host dad won "The Best Dad Award"! (Look at this badge)

What's more...
I enjoy cooking & baking - that's a good opportunity to spend your free time and gain some experience in a kitchen.
Last Wednesday was the host dad's birthday so me and girls decided (1 day before) to bake some cupcakes OR a cake.
That day the youngest girl was recovering after sickness so she didn't go to school, when the other girls came back home we started working in a kitchen!

We wanted to make some chocolate cupcakes. Firstly, we didn't have some ingredients, so I went to the grocery store.
Then, when we finally made it and filled the cupcake papers up, the two older had to go to their extra activities... but right before that - the cupcakes instead of going up they were going down and doing mess in the oven. It was burning and turning into black color. It was literally a DISASTER.

To sum up, we immediately went to the grocery store and bought a chocolate cupcake mix and everything was perfect.

Hope you have a great day,


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