Sunday, November 8, 2015

First Cupcakes in the US... Are you sure you wanna see that?!


Maybe someday you'll be wondering about birthday gifts for your host parents?
No worries, that's the best idea ever!

  • Bring your kid and stuff to craft to the living room
  • Make a birthday card with the kid
  • Make a little pocket in the card
  • It's time to make a coupon
In my case, I've made a coupon which allows parents to go out over my work hours in the evening/at night.
I also wrote a funny thing there "Expiration date: when all of the kids go to College!".
So,it was a pretty creative day!

My youngest child is so adorable, the host dad won "The Best Dad Award"! (Look at this badge)

What's more...
I enjoy cooking & baking - that's a good opportunity to spend your free time and gain some experience in a kitchen.
Last Wednesday was the host dad's birthday so me and girls decided (1 day before) to bake some cupcakes OR a cake.
That day the youngest girl was recovering after sickness so she didn't go to school, when the other girls came back home we started working in a kitchen!

We wanted to make some chocolate cupcakes. Firstly, we didn't have some ingredients, so I went to the grocery store.
Then, when we finally made it and filled the cupcake papers up, the two older had to go to their extra activities... but right before that - the cupcakes instead of going up they were going down and doing mess in the oven. It was burning and turning into black color. It was literally a DISASTER.

To sum up, we immediately went to the grocery store and bought a chocolate cupcake mix and everything was perfect.

Hope you have a great day,


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