Thursday, October 29, 2015

Gifts for the Host Family! Au Pair in America AIFS


when you find your perfect family and confirm perfect match - everybody starts thinking about gifts for the host family!
First thing after my first dinner with the Host Family I gave them presents - they were pretty a bit surprised !
Trust me, it's not that easy - firstly, I was looking for polish souvenirs then I wanted to buy something connected to their hobbies and fav sports, after that I decided to buy these things:


Cups for Host Parents (on the other side there are their names),
it means - the best american mum and dad!

 Some sweets for them!
The most popular things in Poland!

 The cookbook was for the Host Parents, the other one is poems (for LCC) - written by Wislawa Szymborska - this book is really special because everything's translated! 

Boxes for jewellery (for the girls!) with DIY homemade bracelets by me - with their names on it - (I put it inside) - they loved it!
Anyway, I ordered it online - it was the worst decision ever, it was huge and half of my suitcase was filled with presents... I was glad they liked that!!!

 This money box and DIY bracelet made by me was for the host family's previous au pair - she was with me for 10 days to show me everything and help me get used to the daily routine and my 'new life'.

At the end of this post, I wanted to show something sweet and cute!
My French friend got a package from the host family (at the orientation) there was for example this:

Yesterday it was such a long day, I'll write about it tomorrow it was a little disaster in the kitchen...

See ya,

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