Monday, September 7, 2015

News! #1 vlog Martinity-preparing to the flight- Au Pair in America



I'm going on October 4th!

My wonderful Host Family asked me to participate in the AAA Driving Course which includes classes about safe driving, tips and helps drivers to acclimate to American roads - so it means I'm arriving 1 day before the Orientation.

Some detailed informations about:

Another NEWS!

I went to Warsaw on September 1st (yes,my birthday!) and I had the Visa appointment at the American Embassy on September 2nd.

What's more?!?!


To be honest, I didn't expect anything but the whole security process was just easy.
Everyone was sooooo polite, it was amazing - just a little surprise.

So the security check, showing some documents, checking my fingerprints etc. were really quick then I had to wait almost 1 hour for my interview.
The room was so crowded (nearly full!) and I saw the information 'max. 270 people' - a bit funny sooooo I was waiting and talking with random people (there were around 50 peeps before me).

After that I was finally called on my interview. 
I was so nervous, you can't even imagine it.
All in all, I was talking to the kindest consul ever, our conversation was fine and everything went well.

If you're preparing to the Visa process you would expect some question connected with:
  • your plans in the United States and when you come back
  • your experience
  • place where you'll be living etc.
So honestly, everything's just easy!
Instead of my meeting at the American Embassy I had a great time - just having fun (and some unexpected adventures) with my friend and meeting new people ☺ I love Warsaw - it's such an amazing place with foreigners from all around the world!

I'm looking for a resistant suitcase and some appropriate gifts for my Host Family.

See my first Vlog for Polish people - it's just an introduction.
I did my best.
I'm waiting for your opinions and suggestions, maybe I'll have to change something or try to do it better next time.

Hope you like it!

see ya soon,

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