Friday, August 14, 2015

Perfect match! Au Pair in America AIFS

Hello everyone,
I still can't believe it, I have my perfect match!
My blog has just officially started as an Au Pair's blog!

MY AMERICAN ADVENTURE begins on October 5th,
I'll fly to the New York to the training school (it's called orientation) and then I'll live in Darien, CT.

I will take care of 3 cute (older) girls.
The host parents are really honest and open, we've already talked about almost everything.
What's more, they have an adorable dog!
From the beginning this family was my favourite one,
I'm glad we both had the same feeling.

I've talked to their current au pair and she told me lots of advantages and opportunities that family gives her. She has visited about 15 states and is going to travel to the West Coast.
All in all, I know I won't be disappointed, I'm going to work, to meet new people and to get to know the American culture, be fluent in English!

  •  I'm waiting for the visa package
  • after receiving it, I'll have to book my visa interview at the US Embassy (I do hope I'll get the visa easily!)
  • next step is getting the National Driver Licence
  • after all, I'll get my airline ticket... packing, saying good bye -
and I'll be THERE!

I'm thinking about my blog,
I'm gonna write here in English and upload videos on Youtube (Vlogs) in Polish.

What do you think about it?

Moreover, do you live or will be living near me?  I'd love to make new friends there!

 Let me know in comments below.

see you soon!

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1 comment :

  1. Szczerze, to ja wolę blogi czytać po polsku, a jeśli chcesz nagrywać po polsku to chętnie obejrzę twojego vboga.


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