Sunday, January 24, 2016

What happens in NYC stays in NYC... PART 1


long time no see ! 

Actually, my life is in such a mess - I have no idea WHAT I wanna do when I grow up - WAIT, I'm already grown up... that's a problem.
Take it back a few months and I had everything planned out but now, everything has got to be complicated. Being spontaneous is just living in the present I definitely enjoy it but thinking about the future can be pretty scary!!

Anyway, I'm not gonna complain about it anymore - we'll see how it goes.

Less words, more photos!

Walking down the Little Italy street.. I found a Mickey Mouse, we look similar lol

Whatever it is - I'm a butterfly!!!

Everytime I explore the NYC I enjoy it like a little kid, I love it.
That's a DUMBO view.

 Do you recognize these bridges? 

Who cares, I can sit on it. It's a World Trade Center in the background!

More breathtaking views,

it looks amazing, everybody should see it!!!

I'm sharing with u my last vid from sunny but cold New York. Weather forecasting isn't always accurate so it's always unpredictable and many people complains about it.
What else, I got used to it so it's not that bad although I'm freezing now.
All I need is Spring - coming soon.

The next post will be about this ridiculous snow storm in Washington DC and my NYC area.
Keep calm and stay warm!!!
Take care,

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