Monday, January 4, 2016

"All-in-one" 3 MONTHS IN THE USA! What has happened in the 2015?

Hello everyone,
enjoy the YEAR 2016!
It's just unbelievable, this year has gone so fast...
Enjoy your life now because it won't last forever.

It's been a fun and exciting year for myself although there were of course quite a few sad moments that I don't want to talk about.
Let's see what has happened in 2015 so far!!

1.I'M IN THE UNITED STATES (today's the anniversary - it's been exactly 3 months ☺) - dreams do come true.. all you have to do is know what you really want, make a reasonable plan and take steps to be on your path to success.
I've been to many places in the New York City and I've been travelling to this area - Connecticut and New York states.

2. I passed my driving exam in the beginning of January

3.I passed my finals and successfully graduated high school!

        (I was studying so hard..)

4.I had the best prom ever with the best peeps

5.I was working in 2 cafes and teaching kids - it was challenging but tbh I feel satisfied !!

(Latte Art ☺ )

6.I was living on my own - alone. That was such a good experience!!
Anyway, we were hanging out there a lot so I wasn't alone at all hahah xx

And this is what we were doing there.. sometimes!

7.I visited Prague with my brother and his fiancee - the last trip - right before my flight to the USA.
You can see the video below.

8. That was my first time - I was taking part in the Charity Event called "Feed My Starving Children" #FMSC I really enjoyed it!! We were packing food.

9. I've spent this year with American traditions so for example I've experienced Thanksgiving, Halloween (in the NYC), Christmas and also (scary) Elf on the Shelf, some birthday parties and some events such as NYC Marathon etc.

(SO MANY presents under the Christmas tree!!)

10. Last but not least, I feel fat - (I haven't weigh myself since my arrival to the US - I'm too scared lol) so I started running!

To sum up this incredible year... life is full of ups and downs.
What else,
 the best way to predict the future is to create it.
Time is precious - don't waste it!!

And this is the video from my last weekend trip to White Plains to my close friend!! She was singing - not me!! ☺

See ya in the 2016 !


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  1. Hej mam kilka pytań odnośnie Twojego wyjazdu :)
    Czy orientujesz się może, czy jest możliwość wyjazdu jedynie na 6 miesięcy?
    Jakiej wysokości jest kieszonkowe, które otrzymujesz?
    W jakim stopniu umiałaś język angielski zanim wyjechałaś? Ja niestety średnio sobie z tym radzę.
    Co było konieczne do zrobienia aby wyjechać w biurze z którego korzystałaś? W jednym z biur znalazłam informacje, że potrzebne jest kilkanaście zdjęć z dziećmi oraz film w którym opowiadam o sobie + 2 referencje od osób obcych. Czy w każdym biurze tak jest?
    Miałaś wątpliwości co do wyjazdu?
    Jak oceniasz pierwsze dni w Stanach?

    1. Hejo,
      ja jestem na rok,mniej chyba nie mozna.
      Dostaje niecale 200$ na tydzien,za mieszkanie i jedzenie nie place.
      Bylam po gim i LO z rozszerzonym angielskim, cos tam umialam :P
      Aby wyjechac bylo konieczne prawo jazdy,prawidlowe zdrowie,referencje - duzo papierkowej roboty.To co znalazlas to prawda :)
      Nie mialam zadnych watpliwosci co do wyjazdu, bo czekalam odkad mialam 13/14 lat :P
      Pierwsze dni w USA byly przytlaczajace, wszystko inne, ciekawe, ale bardzo pozytywnie to wspominam :)

  2. Wow, your USA trip looks very interesting. I am so glad to see your photos. Those Christmas party photos are my favorite among all. Well, we celebrated our Christmas at one of the best New York venues and it was our first family trip to NY. We enjoyed it a lot!!


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