Thursday, December 10, 2015

Meet my new friend - Elfie is my friend for exactly 10 days...

Hiiiii people,

generally,when I was in Poland I didn't like Christmas but this time I really enjoy it!
So, I've been taking photos since December 1st when I met a little guy in a red outfit. He appeared unexpectedly. To be honest, I had never heard about this tradition in the US.

What's the 'Elf on the shelf' ?
 He arrives on Dec 1st and is sent by Santa to check on good children, to help keep the belief that the Elf is real - he changes places every night (I'm responsible for this) that's why I took some photos - this guy is sooo crazyyyyy.
Creativity is needed!
All in all, on Christmas Eve, he reports to Santa and hitches a ride back to the North Pole, that's a big difference between Polish and American tradition that I've noticed so far.
Polish people celebrate Santa's Day on Dec 6th but Americans on Dec 24th. 
Take a quick look:

DAY 1 
'Date with a Barbie'

'I can be wherever I want'

'(Gold) Fishing time'

'Let's decorate the Christmas tree'

'It's time to sleep'

'Try my magic fruit'

'I'm a Miley Cyrus' fan!!!'
I came in like a wreeeeeecking ball

'Let me open the door'

'You cannot see me,right?'

DAY 10
'Still waiting for some snow'

There is the ONLY 1 RULE that I've learned 
(I didn't know about it so I broke it - the first day):
The most important thing is that the parents and the kids cannot touch the Elf because he loses his magic if somebody touches him and if he loses his magic he isn't able to go back and talk to Santa - that's so funny - I moved him once during a day and I felt sooooo guilty!!
When Elf arrives everybody must behave good so there's at least less fights or arguments between kids - because he sees everything! 

To sum up, I just want to share with your my favorite 'Elf on the Shelf' pic. I couldn't stop laughing at all!! 

That was a quick note about American Christmas, I'm sure it'll sound weird - it's actually December and I feel like it's a summer - no snow,sunny weather and the sky without any clouds.

More funny photos of our Elfie soon, now I'm working on a American Museum of Natural History in NYC note.

I hope you liked it.
See ya soon,

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