Saturday, September 19, 2015

The gifts in the process...

Helloooooo everybody,

as I mentioned before my daily routine consists of  'most important tasks'.
It's just something you need or want to be done each day, when you achieve these goals you'll feel totally productive.
Each day, I prepare to my adventure - it means I do something everyday to make my dreams come true - it's such an amazing feeling.

Talking about the flight...
2 days ago 
(it was exactly 17 days before the departure) I got the message about my flight details,
  • it's DIRECTLY from Warsaw to NYC
  • fortunately, it's not in the morning - my flight is at 5.20 pm
  • I'll arrive with another Polish girl - I'm glad, I'm not going alone

What's more, yesterday was a really busy day,
I was at the dentist's just to check if everything's fine (and of course IT IS!), I was at the bank and I opened a foreign currency account - which is so important to have it before opening the American account and after all, I had some teaching English classes with kids.

What's best, I bought my wonderful Wittchen suitcase - everyone recommends the material ones, that's why I got it.
Lemme show you then,

Today, I started making bracelets for the girls (with their names!) that I'll take care of, it seems to be an incredible thing  -  long-lasting, handmade and memorable gift! Additionally, each girl will get the box for jewellery filled with Polish sweets - I'll show you soon peeps!

But everything can't be perfect, I ordered these boxes online and I was sure it was half of the actual size, just a little disappointment - 

less space in my suitcase  =  less clothes to bring with me...

all in all, there're always some advantages, more sweets for the girls!

Today's song:

Tomorrow, me and my friend are going at the stable - it's Sunday - I'm taking some time to relax and recharge my batteries for the next (busy) week.

I'm falling asleep, g'night then,

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